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Date: October 11th 1917


Dear Folks:

Another note tonight before I roll in to enclose the card from my second Mpls Box. It's getting a little chilly these days so I'm looking forward for that sweater -- not that I need it now but it will feel good in a month or so. The candy came fine & wasn't melted or sticky like it is sometimes. We sure enjoyed it. A "Popular Science" came tonight in Jay's handwriting. I haven't had time to read it yet but I will enjoy myself when I get into bed tonight.

There isn't much to write about. We're still having a pretty jake time and all kinds of rumors are afloat about the future. However that dosent worry me very much.

My money's hanging out pretty good & there's a Y handy so we live pretty high. We have even made porridge for breakfast a couple of times when the rations were low. Chief has more patience than Job so he does all that sort of thing. Its been raining a lot lately so baseball is out of the question.

Our Coy got the cup alright for the last B'n sports and Tom won the medal by a long margin. Besides that we have a bunch of money coming for prizes. I for 15 francs coming up for grenade shooting.

So you were worrying about me being able to use the ten spot. Don't worry its worth just 58 francs & 80 centimes and thats two month pay over here. I'll use Hebrew money if you send any.

Had a field card from Frank Atkinson the other day but haven't run into him yet. I haven't even seen but I heard he was taking a sniping course at Corp School awhile ago but that aught to be over by now.

I've sure got a bunch of cousins among the Yanks but it will be a long time before they see this country -- if they ever do. It looks good there I guess but I can see all kinds of difficulty between there & her. They've got to do some tall old ship building. Still things are looking good these days & perhaps we won't need them.

Well I think this is all. I'll try & scrape up some news for next letter.

Love to everybody


P.S. Haven't seen a "Journal" for months. Send a few sometime eh! Thanks. WJM

N.B. Just struck me that this is Jay's birthday -- best of luck sis- have a celebration for me. Bill