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Date: November 20th 1917

Nov. 20,1917

Dear Folks:

You will think I'm hard up for paper but the canteen isn't open yet and this is all I can care up so I'll drop a note on this & write a letter later. We have been moving you know for the last few days and only reached our destination last night and things are rather up side down.

Well we've had a pretty fast time the last few weeks but its over now and believe me I'm not sorry. We had another trip into the mud hole since I wrote last and altho we didn't stage a "show", still it was hot enough for any body. Since then we had a short train ride, a longer bus ride and a days march to here so you see we're well away from it and as far as I know we're not far from our old stamping ground. I guess we'll be here for a little rest - perhaps spend Xmas here. Its only a little hamlet and no large towns near but its not worrying me a-tall - I'm satisfied to form fours & look for Canadian mail for duration.

I saw Burnie & Chuck last Saturday night. They both decided to look me up at once and we had a real "at home" - Burnie is just as fat as ever altho he's been out here almost a year & is the only one left of his draft of 32 from our old Coy. Chuck looks A1 and evidently had a pretty rough initiation into modern war fare. He makes a swell officer I think too. Haven't seen Feurt yet but he's OK for some of the other fellows saw him. I don't know anything about Spud Barlow & am not particular about the rest of them. J.D.McNabb got a Blighty the day we all went over the top. He got his in the arm and walked out. Haven't heard anything about Fred yet but I'm afraid he must have got hit for I haven't heard from him & we promised to drop a card to each other when we got out. I sent men from hospital but never heard from him. You will most likely know by now how he is.

I'm enclosing a couple of cards 00 one from home and one from Duluth. I don't know it I've got 52A or not - but you will be able to check it up .Flora's cap comes in mighty handy at nights and I wear it under my "tin hat" too when we're up the line.

I'm waiting patiently for the P.O. to open up as I've carried a Register card for over a week now. I guess I can get it today. Many thanks.

This is all for now. Love to everybody and many thanks for the boxes.