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Date: May 26th 1917

May 26,1917

Dear Folks:

What do you think of the paper? Class eh! Well the Canadian parcels are still help up somewhere but a big parcel came last night from M'p'l's that was a pippin -- I'll enclose the card. Everybody falls all over everybody else when its mail time but so far no parcels have arrived from Canada. They will come along some of these days tho' and when they do !!! I've got so now that I depend on parcels for sox and I was getting pretty low when the box came last night. We get issued with them you know but they're just as liable to be size fourteen as size two so you're lucky it you can wear them. Did I ever tell you about seeing Lou Taylor? We paraded for a bath about a week ago and there was Lou Taylor dishing out the new clothes. He spotted me but couldn't remember my name and I was in the same fix altho' I figured out who he was before he told me. He came over with the 3rd CMR's and later got into this B'n -- and in "C" Coy too. He was a batman up until the Vimy scrap and then got a bombproof on the Divisional Batt. He's looking OK and is a pretty old soldier. (Don't mistake the use of the adjective)

We've been having a treat this week -- given by the Divisional Concert Party. It's considered the best concert party in France and I can't see how it can be beaten very well. You'll never see better scenery at the Pan and the different skits are hard to beat. They get all the latest songs and can sure sing them too. They are two " girls" in the party. One of the girls - a man named Hamilton - acts and looks just like Grett McKenzie -- do you know her? The other one has a regular Melba voice and the looks to go with it. I saw it every chance I had. Believe me, it anyone saw it who didn't know anything about it before except that is was just a bunch of fellows picked from the 3rd division -- there would be a surprise in stock for him.

Well there's a ball game on this afternoon and I'm on the line up so I guess I'd better start getting into my togs.

Love to Everybody