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Date: May 17th 1917

May 17,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines today as we have the PM to ourselves and everybody is writing letters. Fellows who never wrote a letter in their life before are becoming regular artists at it now. I put most of my time at it myself and get results too -- for in the last week I've collected 28 letters from Canada. Last night there was only a small bag full of letters for the Coy and I tho't I'd be 1 lucky to get any but I got 14 -- in fact Peener & I got over half of the Platton's mail. Out of the bunch I got six from home, dated from the end of March to the middle of April.

Its been raining the last couple of days and I'm glad we're in billets instead of up the line. The fruit trees are coming on fine tho' -- I'll be picking pears, apples, cherries etc. before long. -- that's one thing to look forward to.

Where if Capt. Chassels now? He may be here somewhere if I knew where to find him. I'd like to look him up so let me know where to find him. I was over to see a bunch of U. of A. fellows in the 11th FA. I saw Bob Cameron, Dean Locke, Garrioch, Jackson Wells, Malloy and quite a few more. Lou will know some of these fellows I think.

So Mary Martin was at the house eh! She's a pretty good scout but awfully religious. Hr letters are most appropriate when they come on Sunday. I guess it was Lotie Bain who was with her. Her sister, Tena, used to go to High. I think she got married last summer.

Yes it looks pretty bad for Reg but he has a chance yet. Red Logan was missed the same day. He used to play inside right on the old Rugy squad. I think he knew the McKittricks.

I guess Chuck, Lin & all the bunch will have their commissions now. I don't think they will ever see France tho' but you never can tell. Its pretty hard to imagine a fellow like Clark wearing a Sam Brown but Chuck will make a fine officer I think.

Say if you ever want any of that bank account of mine why help yourself -- I don't need any here as we're issued with everything - even cig's and matches altho I hate to have to smoke the cig's.

I ring off here-- Peener & I are going to fry some eggs for supper so have to rig up some kind of stove - we use candle greese for oil.

So long for now --more later --

Bill McLellan