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Date: March 5th 1917

Bramshot Hants
March 5,1917

Dear Folks:

Well we've moved again -- to Bramshot this time and I'm pretty well satisfied so far with the camp. I haven't seen very much of it yet but around where we are is real fine. He Huts are larger and better equiped and everything is neater & better looking than Seaford. We heard all sorts of things about Bramshot before we got here so we were pretty well scared out but it was the same old story. Whitley is only seven miles from here but its out of bounds so unless I get a pass I won't be able to go over. Fred is there with the 202nd.

we left Seaford Sunday night --(last night) -- at 5:30 with everything we owned & a rifle. Everybody had the Webb equipment which includes entrenching tool and all sorts of things like that. It fits well tho' and wasn't hard to carry. We slung out rifles and put the kit bag on top of the pack, so didn't make too bad a showing going down to the station. Of course they pulled the old 196th stuff of getting us to shine up & make a grand showing We had out own band -- 58 pieces-- the bugle band and a bag-pipe band. I think everybody in Seaford were lined up along the street. We got to Libhook or some such name as that at 12:30 and it was snowing and raining both at once. We packed up & headed for came (s/b camp) which is only supposed to be three miles but it was all up hill & I never walked a long three miles. We got a couple of blankets issued and got something to eat & then rolled in. Old 10 Platoon were put in one hut so we had lots of room but there was only one light & not stove. Still it wasn't a hardship at all, & everybody was happy. This morning we tried to land a stove & couldn't so Roy Horner & I swiped one out of an empty hut & we soon had a fire on. The other huts are still with out a stove, but my concience isn't bothering me any. Peener & I are over at the Y now. I'll be able to tell you more about the camp when I write again.

The cap't asked for Engineers today & Mac, Jaffery, Peener a& I all handed in our names. Jaff is at Shorncliff now taking a PT & BF course but his name went in. I don't know if anything will come of it or not.

I got the two parcels on Saturday so I saved quite a bit for the trip. They sure came in great for the lunch they dish out isn't at all wonderful.

This is all tonight. I'll write before Thursday and tell you more about the camp. So far it's OK altho' Seaford was good too.

So long for now