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Date: June 30th 1917

June 30,1917

Dear Marg:

Sunday evening - and a steady down pour of rain - Believe me I'm glad that we are in comfortable billets instead of in the front line. That's about the most disagreable thing you can imagine -- about two feet of mid & water in the trench and wet thru' for days. You can't even make a hot drink of tea but got to be satisfied with cold eats. However we have been lucky this far for it has always been fine weather when we go up. We are due for a months divisional rest soon. We expected to go this trip but we may make another trip first. I'm not sorry as things are getting interesting on our front. It would be a relief to be able to chase Fritz a little instead of standing still and let him drop shells and whiz-bangs all around you.

Received the announcement of my namesake and also Wy's letter yesterday. I'm sure feeling pretty chesty these days. The only thing I'm sorry for is that I can't be there to have a look at him and get acquainted. Remember I have a morgage on the first snap. A photo would be out of line as I couldn't look after it here but perhaps you can get busy with your camera some time soon. It's some honor, Marg, believe me and I'll certainly have a big interest in my new nephew.

I heard today that Uncle Sams boys are over here now. I don't suppose I'll ever see them as they won't be near us. Is Wals Glass with them? What is he is, the Infantry; Art. or what? I'm afraid they haven't a very good idea of modern warfare but still I think they will surprise a few pessimists.

The papers these days are full of our particular front. I think something pretty good is due to happen soon and as we are going up its quite probable that we'll see some of it. Afterwards, probably in about a month, we will go out for our divisional rest.

This is all for now. I wrote home yesterday & they will most likely send it on. Best love to Wy & Mac and also "Billy".

Your Loving Brother