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Date: June 27th 1917

June 27,1917

Dear Folks:

This can't be very much of a letter for the cards will take up enough space to fill the envelope. You'll see by this that the Canadian mail is doing itself justice now. I'm looking forward for the one with the pies in it. They aught to carry alright. "Swinny" get them wrapped seperately and sometimes they are crushed but it dosen't hurt them any for mince ones don't "leak".

Quite a bit has happened since I wrote last. The divisional sports came off O.K. and our Brigade done fine. I think out B'n won the most points altho the 49th may have beat us. We only came second in our cross-country team race but we were up against a pretty stiff team of Indians and the only lost by one man. You see 30 men had to start from each team and the first twenty from any team to finish won.. It was the hardest 3 miles I ever ran -- I still feel tired. I saw quite a bunch of 49ers I knew and others too. Just now I'm on another course in Observation & Scouting. Its only ten days this time. We --Norm Rusk-- and I landed here last night about 5:30P.M. Its at the same place I was at last December (Decembre) so I knew where to go etc. I got quite a surprise too for we had just got off a motor lorry when someone yelled at me and who was it but Jack Clark and Lynn Feurt . Their B'n isn't very far fro here so I hope to see them again before I leave. They are both looking fine. Jack has his M.C. up and says he's 2nd in command of a Coy but I'd hate to take his word for it. Old Feurt hasn't changed a bit -- in fact he had Edmonton written all over him. They promised to come in tomorrow P.M. and see me.

I saw Logan Blades and Roy Haliburton of atheletic fame today. They are both here training for Corps sports. They aught to make a name for themselves too far for they are both good and haven't done any line duty to take the pep out of the.

I guess this is all I'm enclosing one of the cards from Mpls. I got a swell little photo of Billy and Mac too. I write them right away but will send the card before I lose it.

Love to Everybody

Yours, Bill