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Date: June 19th 1917

June 19,1917

Dear Folks:

Another note to give you the lates. Everything is going fine -- its raining today so we aren't out on parade. Its a good chance to catch up in correspondence and every body is making the best of it.

Canadian mail is coming these days with a vengeance so that accounst for the signs of life.

About the money , you were sending -- I'm sorry you cabled it for there's all kinds of time. You see leave has been stopped for quite awhile now and anyway I couldn't go till July and the way things look now I probably won't get away until fall. I guess it will be alright in the bank in London. They will notify me when they get it and I'll drop them a line. I wouldn't mind going to Paris but I'm fed up with the lingo and the idea of trying get away with my 'fluent' French when I could just as well be in Blighty dosen't appeal to me. Besides I want to see Ireland and I'm planning on that. It costs like the deuce to cable money doesn't it? I should have told you I guess but its OK anyway.

The Scout section had their photo taken the other day and yesterday we had a look at the proof. It was taken by a peasoup and what he doesn't know about photography would fill volumes. I only ordered two and will send them as soon as they come along. Its punk of everybody. One of the fellows said I look as it I had lost a dollar and found a nickel. The Serg't - Fred Taylor looks like a kangaroo. I'll put their names on the back. The section encludes Scouts, Snipers and Observers so I'll put (S) - (Sn) - and (o) after each name to let you know what they are.

Brigade sports came off yesterday and our B'n won out by 111 points. The next B'n to us only has 79 points. The only event I was in was the 3 mile cross country team race & we won easy. I might have entered in more but its too much like work, for I wouldn't have had a chance in anything under a mile and 3 miles is about enough for one day.

We'll probably have divisional sports soon and I'll get a chance to see some of the forty-niners and Pats. They are in our division.

I'm enclosing another card. The box came last night after our sports and maybe I wasn't glad of it.

Enough for now . I'll write again in a few days.

Lover to Everybody


Swinny" - alias Charlie Swinford is my bed mate -- I mentioned him on the card. He's a musician from away back and can play anything. He's from Winnipeg.