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Date: June 13th 1917

June 13,1917

Dear Folks:

Well I'm back in billets again -----(censored) after a -------- trip up the line. We had another good trip but the billets sure looked good last night after sleeping in dugouts & funk holes and often going for a week without a wash, shave or even a chance to take my boots off. Thats the only disagreeable part about it. The work isn't hard -- not even on the nerves --for the line we hold is quite quiet. We had a little excitement in the way of patrols but not a much as we tho't at the time. We saw quite a bit of the country this time from points of advantage and were able to see where we are at. Things look pretty good for an easy time for us for quite awhile. I got a good shipment of Can. mail when is reserve and two parcels for magazines from Marg. Box No. 23 arrived OK and was some treat too. I made pretty short work of the strawberries believe me. After living on Bully Beef & Muligan for three weeks, a jar of strawberries & a box of ginger snaps were just about the height of my ambition. Geo. Ferguson from Calgary - his dad is a Prsby. minister there -- got at least ten boxes after I got mine so we sure lived high. He has a dozen or more aunts in Scot. that look after him and send him everything under the sun. Some are almost useless out here but most of them are. I don't think I've gotten Box 21 have I? or 22 either but I may get it yet. Marg sent me an Electrical Inventor and a bunch of Life's and a Cosmo. I'm reading a bunch of serials in the Cosmo & somebody sends it to me every month. I've gotten up to the May edition now.

Is my allowance coming thru' alright? I think I asked for some in my last letter didn't I? You see we only get paid a franc or 19 cents a day over here & it dosen't go far for little expenses. Don't send me any more than $5 at a time & you can get a 1 pound note at the bank and register the letter. A postal note or money order isn't any good over here.

Well this is a pretty short letter but I'll do better when I write later on in the week. Thanks muchly for the eats etc. and pass it along to Marg will you? I'll write her this week too.

Love to everybody