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Date: July 7th 1917

July 7,1917

Dear Folks:

I wrote you this P.M and since then the Can mail came in. I got three letters from home & was mighty glad to get 'em. This P.S. is just a sort of S.O.S. for money. I guess you couldn't have got my letters but it seems that I've been asking for money ever since I came over. We are going up the line tomorrow night & I haven't got a cent. About the only thing I want to take up is some jam & cigarettes. You see up there we haven't much to do & cigarettes help to put in time. I don't want to give you the impression that I'm a regular cigarette fiend but I was in the line once for two days without a smoke and I swore I'd never do it again but it looks like eight days this trip. I got a parcel from Dot today with a few cigs and a bag of Bull Durham so that will keep me going for a day or so. Now don't rush over & send me all the money in the house & if you've sent some already why it's O.K. & don't send money orders or bank drafts. Either send Canadian money or get it changed into French francs at the bank. You see we only get six dollars a month & it doesn't last two days. Brownie had quite a bit but I owe him so much now that I've lost track of how much it is.

This is quite a length but its my first experience of being dead broke & having to live on Army issue.

So Long for now

P.S Send me about $5 out of every allowance & it will keep me going O.K. I got a hemhorrage when I got Jay's letter of the 18th.

I opened it cautious like & when I saw that jake money I let a yell out & the whole crowd gathered around for they are all almost as bad as me. When I found out what it was I went outside & kicked myself all over patch. Its a standing joke now

Had a letter from Clark & Spud today. Barlow has written Kansas so I guess the tempest is over.

So long