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Date: July 31st 1917

July 31,1917

Dear Folks:

Another note to enclose card No. 32. The box & two bundles of Life's came last night along with a letter - July 8 - from mother, so taking it all around I put in a most enjoyable evening. Peener, Tom, Brownie U quite a few others out of our billet are in training so of course I said the cake and candy were absolutely taboo but I did condescend to let them in on some of it. Tom got a parcel too so I rather had to split with him. My parcels always carry fine. This one was in a wooden box & not a thing was even disturbed.

We are having B'n sports the day after tomorrow & I think our platoon is going to make a pretty good showing. Peener is going in the lightweight boxing and Brownie for the Bantam weight. I would have went in but I would have been in Peeners class & nuf sed. Tom is going in for the 100 yds - 220 yds & quarter mile. He and Peener are going into the 220 relay too. Then Chief Spencer & Wilson = a fellow from Manatoba are going after the four mile cross country run and Chief & I are playing in the Coy baseball team. I'll let you know how we make out.

Today is market day on the town square, and you should see the booths & wagons. It put me in mind of the country fair. They went heavy on vegetables but had rolls of cloth and in fact every thing imaginable. All the people from the country were in to sell stuff.

Supper is up so I'll ring off ‘till I eat.

Well I filled up pretty well on rice & tea & bread & butter. We get fed pretty Jake out here.

Our --(censored) Y has got working out here so we can get baseball outfits etc.

So Hazel Porte is married eh! Who is Mark Pike? He doesn't sound very frivolous. She's a queer kid. I don't know if its conceit or not but there's something wrong.

Well I'll call this enough. I've promised Peener to let him hammer me around for a few rounds to give him practice.

Thanks very muchly for the box & papers. Hope to get a few more letters tonight.

Love to everybody