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Date: January 25th 1917

January 25,1917

Well Folks rec another Parcel from you and I must say those socks are certainly fine. They may be just a trifle long but they fit so well on the foot that it does not bother in the heel but gives me plenty of room at the toes. It makes me smile when I see where some of the stitches are missing. The cocoa came in just right as two of the Band were sick & I was very tires & it went in a short time but I may say that it is the first real Genuine Honest to God cocoa I have tasted since I left but then I make it myself.

We have been doing a lot of fatigue but I hear the Colonel was very angry as we were supposed to take ten days musketry before going to the ranges but we will get about one day in all instead of months as the rest have had. Everything is fine here now plenty to eat & more & the weather is good two being frozen all the time. We leave Sunday morning with full kits for the ranges 7 will be there ten days so I do not suppose I shall have the opportunity to write again for a while. I am enjoying this work as I am really learning something. I learned how to slope (?) and present arms yesterday one of the first things a person learns in rifle drill so you can see how much chance the Band have had. I can stand the cold fine now which helps a lot as it is sure cold some way here. Say when you send any thing more please do not send anything that I can get here nicely especially food as I have plenty to buy with but Canadian Candy & Tobacco come in handy all the time as for anything else I am well supplied since rec. those three pairs of socks. I suppose we shall see the trenches about April. They say they have 1000 tanks for the next drive though it is scarcely known but I think this will go through. there is more than a thousand stenogs could tell but it will never be known of course. I wish I had a better memory but it probably is just as well as in moping the rest of my life figuring it all out. I have not heard from Bill yet and Russel's wife's brother is near here to but suppose I shall see them soon. we are a regiment now not a Batt'lh & are getting men from all over & have four Batt for reserves & will according to latest subterranean new will take the position of the 49th while they are out. We will out work cut out of course but it means a 202 for all time. I have again applied to Aerial Crops and the Intelligence Dept. but have not heard from them yet.

I have been listening to the 85th Band tonight & is fine. I hear they are going as a unit with instruments. It is hard to say what will happen in the next few months but things are looking very very good & I am even just a little afraid I won't see much of it but them I never can tell. Saw a Biplane the other day that came down on account of engine trouble. There is nothing much to it but is seems hard to get in without pull unless a fellow is still in civies. Of course with such a vast organization it is hard to criticize & still harder to understand. Well don't be downhearted as we area all happy as can be and everyone is cheerful. this country seems throughly awakened now & I do not think anything German can stop us. So Long for this time & go easy on the parcels till I ask for something.

F F #231519
202 Batt Band
CEF Witley