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Date: January 21st 1917

S. Camp Seaford,England

Dear Folks:

Just a line tonight as I wrote you yesterday and this will go out on the same mail.

I got three letters from home today and surely enjoyed the, also one from Marg today. she was just back from her Xmas holiday.

Say do you mean to tell me it costs five bucks to send over my allowance? And you've been sending it over that way all the time? Well for the love of mike don't do it anymore for I don't need it that bad. The first twenty dollars you sent was surely oppertune for it meantmy trip to London but I don't need it so bad now & can wait for it so just get the English L1 notes & send them over in a registered letter and any costs deduct them from the assigned pay and don't worry about my financial condition for we get lots to eat & besides get paid once in a while.

I'm afraid you haven't been getting all my mail for I write twice a week regular but perhaps you will get them all in a bunch. I think I have gotten all the mail from home and have sure been lucky too.

I'm going over to the Y now so will post this there. Out orchestra is in attendance & our B'n chaplain is giving a talk.

So long for now & keep up the good work of writing.