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Date: February 21st 1917

Seaford, England
Feb. 21,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines to let you know I got No.11 O.K. and have filled out the card as Per instructions. Everything carried fine. I just heard that there is two more parcels in the PM's mail but won't be delivered till tomorrow. Curses! I have to mail this tonight in order to get it off on tomorrows mail so will tell you about the other boxes later. The Ord. Corp says they are both about the size of a house. Some hope! I had a snap taken in the sweater. Will enclose one in next letter.

I told you that Burnie has gone to France -- didn't I. Peener & I have a chance to go to another cadet school at Cambridge. It's the Imperial school and we would have to take a commission in the Imperial Army but not for mine. Cap't Martin was after us & we said we would go if we could take the commission ifF we could take it in the Artillery but nothing doing on the Inf.. stuff.

On account of being a Res. B'n now the NCO's are out of luck for new men are taken in from other B'n to train and we have to train ‘em. Peener & I have been kicking about it & that's why Cap't Martin got this offer. I'm still on the PT & BF course but its almost thru' now. You see the idea is that each NCO takes a course & specializes in it & then as an instructor. Peener is on Musketry, Mac & Duffy on Anti-gas etc - and eventually we ring in for what is called a duration job. - not for me.

Leo Brown was in to see us Sunday. He's with the 187th from Red Deer and has been acting Adjutant lately. Harry Hurst belonged to the 187th for awhile. Leo said that Harry died but I hardly think its true for not one said anything about it in letters. There a (are) fellows here from the 63rd, 66th, 1& 194th. Haliburton - Ed's formost athlete -- is here a O.M.S. now with a Labour B'n.

The cold weather has broken up and its started to rain. I guess it will rain all the time from now on. Every night is dark & misty. The fog horns out on the harbour blow all the time. New Haven harbour is only four miles from Seaford -- or at least the Pier is -- we are really in the harbour. New Haven isn't very big but the harbour is well known.

Major MacLeod broke his leg the other day -- his horse fell on him. I guess he will be in hospital for three mos.

Well this is all tonight. I'll write again as soon as I can get hold of the parcels.

Love to all


P.S. I got a letter from Wy and one from Mr. Quigly. Will answer ‘em Sunday. Tell that big brother of mine to drop me a line.