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Date: February 11th 1917

Seaford,England 19th Res. B'n
Feb 11,1917

Dear Folks:

I've got a few minutes until dinner so I'll drop you a line. I'm on piquet this P.M. - we're duty B'n. for the week and I'm in charge of a piquet. We roam around town and collect anyone who is doing anything unbecoming a good soldier. It never amounts to anything but parade around town but its only for four hours so I'm not worrying.

I've been taking P.Y. & B.F. all week but the course is suspended for the next week on account of the B'n being on duty.

We're sending another draft over on Tuesday of 200 men. Almost all the "C" Coy men are on it. "Peppy" Burnett - the guy with me in the picture is going. I sure hate to see al the fellows to & me stay here but I can't do anything about it. I think I'll try and get on a "gas" school next week. Anything to get away from forming fours.

Peener had a letter from Lawrence the other day. He's with the 46th & wrote a good letter. The 49th are in the same Brigade so he will most likely see Reg.

I got the money order O.K. - don't bother sending any more. You can probably use it to more advantage over there. There isn't a ghost of a chance to get leave and my 55 cents per diem is enough to keep me going.

Mac is layed up with a cold jut now but that's nothing uncommon over here. I've never felt better myself. The PR & BF is a good cure for almost any aliments. I can toss a 12 lb. Ross rifle around now for an hour in Bayonet Fighting without even getting a seat up.

Roy Mattern was into the hut the other night, He's a Serg't in the 187th and some of them are here with the 21st Reserve. He used to be principle of some school on the S.S.(?)

This is all tonight. I'll write you a long one next time.



P.S. Got another roll of papers from Marg and am looking anxiously for the box thats on the way.