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Date: December 9th 1917


Dear People: (obviously sent to Marg and Wyman Miller)

This is liable to be a severe surprise for altho I have certainly wanted to write I never seemed to get a chance and I knew you got the news from Ed. but this week I've gotten so many dandy parcels that I simply called a halt and am going to write & send the cards. I started one the other night down a the Church Army Hut but they closed the hut before I got half started so I had to postpone it till now.

I certainly had a feast this week & still have some left. The boxes came fine & not a dint in them. I'm at a school you know & so had a great opportunity to enjoy it proper. I haven't had many letters lately but there's a big mail in today so I think my chances are good.

Had a letter from Lee McLellan yesterday. Its certainly a fine letter. I'll answer it today. I'll have to make a special trip down there "apres la guerre" & get acquainted with those relatives.

Well prospects are looking pretty rosy for me just now. I'll be here for another couple of weeks & then my Blighty leave will be due so I aught to be in Scotland for New Years.

Fred got wounded in out last show but I don't know how badly. I haven't heard from him yet but one of his B'n told me he to a Blighty. Here's hoping it isn't too serious.

I haven't seen many of the Tommies yet but what I have seen certainly look good. I would like to see some of those cousins of ours but I hardly think I will.

Had a letter from Peener last night. He is Ok and in a casualty Clearing depot in Blighty. Lawrence is back in Canada now I guess. One of his arms is temporarily paralysed but will be OK in a year or so.

I'm having a jake time here at school. I'm taking a Sniping course you know & its fine. I've got my rifle fitted up now with telescopic sights , etc. and am doing pretty fair shooting. We have lots of field work too such as observing, scouting etc. That is a whole lot better than forming fours.

Well I think I've given you all the news . Thanks very muchly for the parcels. I surely enjoyed them. Best of love to the whole family and don't forget Mac & my name sake.

As ever Bill

Remember the bunch of snaps you sent! & some of Marjory Prouse? On the back of one of them she said she was going to write but I've never heard from her yet. Do you know it she wrote?