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Date: August 7th 1917

Aug 7,1917

Dear Folks:

Well I consider myself a pretty lucky sort of a guy. A Ca. mail arrived this week and so far I've got boxes 34 &35 and a box of not paper form Marg -(this is it)- a letter from Flora, a parcel of magazines from Dot - a box of cigs from Mac and four letters from home. The latest date is July 16th which I got tonight. In Jay's letter she mentioned that box 34 was the last one sent then & I got it yesterday so you see the parcels travel right along. Everything was very much appreciated believe me. The cigs you sent along with what Mac sent will be me jake 'till pay day -- otherwise I'd have to smoke issue and that would almost be a calamity.

The weather has cleared up fine at last and we have visions of sports day after all. So far we have certainly been having it easy. We do very little forming fours but put in our time learning things of some use.

If I ever happen to have enough money on hand at one time I'll get some post card size photos taken. I think we're allowed to send them thru' the mail. I'll find out first.

So the Fair was a grand success eh! Well I guess the city can stand a little extra money just now. Jay mentioned seeing the two Dots and another girl in nurses uniform. The third girl was Vivian Alcock. You've heard me speak of her I guess. She's been at Whitby College for two years so I haven't seen her in that time.

Got a letter from Mac the other day. All the Crowboro' Officers encluding Chuck, Spud, Lynn, Jack etc. have gone to Seaford to a training Bn so I guess their good time is over.

I'll have to let you in on a joke on yours truly. Remember the letter you forwarded on to me from the States about the 15th July! Well it excluded a newspaper clipping. Heres the joke -- After my first trip in the line I got a letter from "Bob" - about the first since Xmas so I answered it and made quite an elaborate description of modern warfare. It was quite some letter -- you would almost think I'd been here for three years Well Bob's uncle is the editor of some newspaper in the States and he read it & persuaded Bob to let him put it in the paper --Ye Gods! -- Nuf Sed-- I guess you won't be troubled with "forwards" anymore.

This is only a note but I'll write again soon. Thanks muchly for the boxes and also --Marg-- for the paper. You see I'm making good use of it.

Love to everybody