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Date: April 3rd 1917


He Has Met Many Nanaimo Boys in the Trenches and so far, Though He Has Been Through the Heaviest Fighting He has Escaped Injury.

Somewhere in France.
March 3rd.

My Dear Father and Mother and Sisters.

It gives me the greatest of pleasure in being able to write you once again to let you know how I am getting along so far away from home and I am glad to say that I have been getting along first rate, although having a pretty hard time of it this last few days up at the front. But I am very glad to say that we all came out on top though one of the hardest actions we have had since we left the Somme.

The attack came off before daybreak, and believe me, we had some hard work over it.

We started playing Fritz at his own game in giving him some gas, but it was not as successful as we would have liked. However we went after Fritz and although the scrap ended in an even break, I believe that Fritz got more than he gave us.

I met Jack Dudley and although not seeing Abe Dead (both worked for Pearson) I am proud to say that both came out of the fight all right. Jack Dudley and Dean were both over the top and Dudley says that he don't know how he ever came out alive. I met Billy Handlen and Storey Burns the other day and they are both looking fine.

Believe me, we have been pretty hard worked too, this two days, and both Matt and I have had our share of it Matt was in at the front and I was behind the line about a mile clearing out the wounded to the ambulances. And Matt done so well in the estimation of the officers that he has been recommended for the Military Medal. Good for old Matt, and he deserves it. Although I had as much work as he had, he was amongst the fire and acquitted himself grandly. I guess it will take a while before we know if he had got one, but if he has, all honor due to him. Before we are finished with it, more of us will have the chance of winning decorations. But believe me, I am not going out to look for any. I will only do my duty to my wounded comrades.

I haven't a letter from Willie yet, but I guess I'll hear from him soon. I wrote John a letter so he can't say that he hasn't got word from me. The mail came in tonight and I didn't get any mail from home. I got a letter from Mrs. Hughes, and she was glad to hear from me. I also got one from little Hattie McRae and she does write nice little letters. I hope to get some mail sometime this week surely.

We are in the best of health at present, thank God for his ever-protecting guidance. I hope that everybody at home is in good health at present and working away as usual. We are going to another hospital, at the place where I got the paper knives. So I'll try and get you some little things again.

I'll close for tonight, hoping everybody is in good health, and trust to God that soon we will all be together again.

Your loving son and brother.