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Date: August 28th 1917

Aug. 28,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a note tonight before I roll in. Another Canadian mail came in tonight with a letter from Mother & Rose and a box --No 37. I ate almost all the berries for supper & have been eating nuts & candy every since, so I probably won't sleep as good as per usual but believe me its worth it. I guess you will think I use up a lot of socks & I sure do by you certainly keep me well supplied. We have been having it pretty easy since we came out here. Haven't had a parade since arriving except pay parade.-but I guess that was due to the weather. Its cleared off tonight so we'll probably form a few fours tomorrow.

Mother said in her letter that some one sent me a ten spot quite awhile ago. I never got it altho I got a five spot and a quid. I hope you have the register slip to put in a claim with if it dosen't come along. Better do it now so as to be within the six month limit. Mother seems to think we put up with a lot of hard-ships -- well we do to a certain extent but nothing extra. Its rotten when it rains alright but we're generally in billets then so don't think we're always getting it and don't think we're in every scrap you read about. There's a lot of men over here you know.

Had a good letter from Rose today and a letter from that nephew of mine. I'll get busy tomorrow and answer them. Flora wrote me a 24 pager too that was a regular treat. She is sure having a good time. I hope she is able to stay for awhile. I'll call this enough for tonight and will write more in a few days.

Don't be so awfully downhearted about the end of the war mother -- you never can tell you know and just now things are looking pretty rosy. Personally I'm feeling pretty well satisfied & was never in better condition so cheer-up. And don't worry so much about the casualities - I've been here now long enough to be able to look after myself pretty good and some of these fine days I'll be cropping off a bomb-proof.

I haven't got any Ed. papers for quite awhile. The Journals aren't supposed to come any farther than Blighty you know, so a small bundle of daily's would go good - not too many tho'.

So Long for tonight
Love to everybody


P.S. Say do you know what might go good? A small package of grape-nuts & a small tin of milk & some sugar. THANKS BILL