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Date: August 2nd 1917


Dear Jess:

It is raining to-day so we haven't any parades, we were out for about half an hour, but they dismissed us so we have the day off, it rained all day yesterday too & we didn't have any parades , we will be getting lazy, not saying we aren't already this kind of a life sure makes a fellow lazy.

Excuse the blots I am sitting a the door of the barn to get some light but a little rain comes in.

I suppose Bill told you all about what kind of a town we are in. I like it pretty good a darn sight better than the line anyway & we can get some eats that sure helps. Bill & I were down at a place last night & had a couple dances with some french girls, gee they sure dance very fast, so Bill & I got up and had a fox trot with each other.

The people's place we stop at are very nice, small farmers. There is a woman & a kid that live in the front part of the house they are refugees.

Both Bill & I wish we had of taken our french more serious now, as it certainly would come in handy. Here, we have a hang of a time trying to make each other understand what we are trying to say , as most of the people here cant speak english at all.

Well Jess how is everything coming with you, I hear you are teaching in the city now, that's jakeloo eh?

This is an awfully short note Jess but guess Bill gives you all the news.

Yours sincerely,