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Date: April 9th 1917

Bramshot Hants
April 9,1917

Dear Folks:

I'm off parade today so it you'll excuse the pencil I'll give you some of the latest. My pens gone dry & I can't find any ink.

Premier Borden and all the crowd that generally follow him around are inspecting the camp today so of course every thing is up in the air. I took advantage of it to snuck off back to the hut. I don't think R.L. will miss me very much and everybody else is so far up in the air that they'll never know I'm in Bramshot.

The weather was fine for Easter and I surely made the best of it. Friday was a holiday and we went on a walking tour of the country. You know there's an awful lot of open country and forest here. About every three miles there is a village but in between villages is regular Peace River country. The country is rolling & full of springs and all kinds of paths & lanes. We got lost several times. I'd sure like to see this country in the summer. Yesterday afternoon we started out & went to Liphook thru' Shottermill to Hazelmere , then to Hindhead, then Grayshott then on to Beacon Heights where we had supper. Its up on a hill 7 you can see for 20 miles all around. There are all kinds of old castles and mansions thru' there but we didn't stop to explore any of them. We would probably have got a dose of buckshot if we had. After supper we came another way back to camp thru' a few more burgs that we didn't know the names of. Altogether we walked about 25 miles so I was quite satisfied with an easy day today. Next week-end we are planning on seeing either Aldershot or Gainsford;. Perhaps we'll rent some bick's and will be able to go a lot farther. The weather is great now so we will make the best of it.

I'd like to run down to Whitley again too & see Fred again before they go but I guess I'll have lots of time. We can run all over the country here from London to Portsmouth in Taxis but they run into money.

The Historical Chestnut tree where the village smithy stood is in Liphook in from of the Anchor Hotel. We're going to try & get a picture of it. We aren't allowed to carry cameras tho but the next best is a post card.

Alfred Tennyson's old home is at Hazelmere. We were down there quite awhile ago. There are Tennysons still living there. We had quite a talk with them & even got a glass of milk. Every place you go over here there is something that has a history. The Devils Punch Bowl is on the road to Witley but isn't so very wonderful Its only about two miles across and perhaps 500 ‘ deep.

I had another good letter from Marg. the other day but haven't heard from Canada for quite awhile. I guess we'll be getting a ship load soon. Marg has sent me a parcel including some smokes Wy sent but so far it hasn't put in an appearance. It will most likely come along this week - in the mean time I'll keep looking for it. They are tossing bombs out here & shaking the hut. I guess they are trying to give R.L. a shell shot. Some numb-skull will likely drop one into the crowd & cause a commotion. That's what generally happens.

Lawrence is in London now & getting along fine. He expects to be fit for service by July 1st.

The States are in it at last and even little Cuba - Brazil will be next & then
Germany will cave in. About August will see nothing but smoke. I guess when I see France I'll be filling in shell holes & rebu8lding towns.

I sent you a "Canada in Khaki" the other day. Can you get them there. Perhaps Marg would like to see one.

Lots of Love -- Bill