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Date: April 2nd 1917

April 2,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines tonight before I roll in.

Another box came in last mail - I'll enclose the card. I'm getting now that I actually look for one every mail - and I'm generally in luck too. They are cutting down the rations over here now altho' the soldiers don't suffer much from it. Its the people who are used to living real well that are hit hardest but still we don't get any too much & you can bet a box from home looks good.

Reg Horner & I were down to Whitley last Sunday and saw all the fellows in the 202nd. I had a long chat with Fred. He's looking fine. Has a stripe -- in other works is a jitney - and has just finished a sniping course. I also saw "Sandy" Dyde - Bert Huff- "Wap" May -(Alice's brother)-Mucky McKenzie - Lynn Brown , Rod Brinkman,- Ernie Parker - a bunch more. Cliff Agar & Logan Blades are in the hospital so I didn't see them.

Witley is quite a camp -- has Bramshot beat seven ways. Its out of bounds you know & Reg & I had quite a time getting down. We took a car down -- a Henry Ford at that -- It cost us 3s each. We did the same coming back so we got off pretty light. Next Sunday a bunch of us are going down if its fine.

Got a long letter from Marg today and yesterdays mail brought one from Olive Johnston & four from home. You surely aught to have some live times with the bunch of girls you spoke of. If Lennie Bauford is around its a cinch the party won't be dead. "Fancy"Sterling is a good scout but rather hard to get acquainted with, isn't she? Remember me to "doc" & Ruth when you see them. Is Lennie playing hockey this year? I saw in the Journal where Cora Vance, "Jerry" Reed & that crowd are doing things up brown in hockey circles.

I got some rural news from Fred - such as Fred Robinson's marriage to Maggie Spalling - etc. Flora told me a bunch too which I had a good laugh over. The Journal comes pretty regular too. I saw today that Geo Baetz has died. I never knew he was ill. Quite a few of Ed's old timers have died lately - haven't they?

Things are looking pretty good now about the war. Chances are getting slimer every day of our ever seeing France. I think U.S. will come in about a year after Peace is declared. They would have helped out a lot quite awhile ago but we don't need them now and if they came in they would want some of the "spoils". Still I guess isn't anybody's fool and I guess he can hardly be critised.

I guess I'll call this enough for tonight. Thanks again for the box.

Yours per usual


P.S. All kinds of luck with your garden. With spuds at 4.50 per you aught to make money. They sell ‘em by the lb over here & eat the skins.