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Date: September 17th 1917

Dear Mother

I received a letter from you last week dated Aug 8. It took over a week to come from London. I expect it was held up in the mail office here. I am sorry you did not receive any letters for so long but I was pretty sick in July and did not write much to anybody. I tryed to write to you regularly but might have missed a week or two.

I do not like this place much. They have no system for handling cases like mine. I also miss my acquaintances there. I was between two fellows the same as myself and they were both very nice. When the sisters referred to us we were the three bears, the three babies and other pet names but we always were together. I miss them to talk to and I miss all the sisters. It is surprising the friends one makes in a place like that.
I do not know how long I will be here. I will probably leave next month. I am getting my Board in a few days. I can tell you the decision now. It will be "permanantly unfit for military service" but it takes a lot of redtape for them to write it out.

I am expecting Grandpa tomorrow. He said he would come down to see me. Edie Fisher says she will be down on Sunday. I was looking for her yesterday but she did not come. I have not heard when Uncle intends coming down. I had a letter from Aunt Marg. I expect they are away. She said they were going for a few days.

I am feeling pretty well. I can feel a little now in my right knee and shin. I am getting along slowly.

Congratulate Ethel for me. I am very pleased to hear she passed but more pleased to know she has a good education and as a teacher she will have ample chances of improving her learning. Education is a great thing these days. I wish I was more learned.

Well I must close now. I am looking forward to your letters to know how you like your new home. Give my love to Father and the kids and Goodbye with love from
Your loving son
George Broome

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