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Date: August 21st 1916
William John McLellan

-Camp Hughes
"C" Coy. 196th C. Batt
Aug 21, 1916

Dear Folks:-

Its been quite awhile since I've written and I didn't realize it until I thought it almost time I was hearing from home and then it dawned on me that it was about my turn to do some writing.

I was off parade three days last week with Poison Ivy. Not bad at all but just bad enough for an excuse to report sick. Laying around the tent wasn't very good for the apatite but I wanted something besides stew and turnips. Well it came on Saturday. About three days rations but it was all gone by Sunday afternoon. The jelly was fine and I guess you haven't forgot my failing for oatmeal cookies. Peener sends his thanks too. We certainly enjoyed it. Peener is coming home with me for a week or so on harvest leave. We've go to work a couple of weeks I think but then we can get an extention I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure when we'll get home but it ought to be around the middle of Sept. We could get work right down here and pull down $3.50 & $4 per day but I'd sooner go to old Alberta even if the wages weren't as good.

Marg has been a brick in sending me magazines and reading material. I've read about everything up to date. I'm going to write her for sure tomorrow night. I got the magazines Jay send today. The "Fragments From France" is great. The cartoons are certainly clever. I saw one about two months ago & intended asking you to send me another.

Almost every one has gone from the Batt. There are about twelve left in our Coy. We still have about three weeks to put in and we're counting the days.

Well I just came off guard and don't feel much like letter writing but am going to "hit the hay". I'm looking for a letter soon.

Your loving Son & Brother.


P.S. Has Mac hunted you up yet. Tell the sap to write me and tell him I've made a swell job of mending his cot.