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Date: November 14th 1916

Traffic Control
C/O Major Phillips
Town Major A.P.D. (S. 52)
B. E. F
Nov. 14th 1916

Dear Mrs. Fargey:

Oh Mrs. Fargey I received the forbidden news to-day from mother of dear Jimmie's death & [?] ever in my life I felt so sad [?] anything before as Jimmie and I were like brothers and when I was in the battalion we never were apart for when you saw one, you would see the other, and I shall never forget what he has done for me for the things are to numerous to mention but I feel I owe him a terrible debt which now I shall never have the pleasure to return. I have had many of boy friends in Canada and also since I have joined the army but have not seen or even met one that even compare with Jimmie for we have never had a cross word and had little thing he could help me or any of the boys. Jimmie was a troop[?] first and with such a kind heart and cheerfulness. If ever there was a boy to be proud of it was Jimmie for I will say there is not a man in the 43rd Battalion (and all the boys in A Company will say the same) that could beat him as a soldier. How better could one die knowing he has done his bit to save his King and country like Jimmie has done Mrs. Fargey! None that I can think of and no body else, I don't think can. It is an honor that shall never be forgotten and we have to thank God for such men as those who have given their lifes for us.

If its God's will Mrs. Fargey that I shall return to see you all again, I shall love to talk of the times Jimmie and I have spent together. I would love to have some one here to night who new him, so that I could talk of the many kind things he has done for me as I miss him more then writing words can ever tell.

God help and give you strength Mrs. Fargey to bear the loss of such a brave and noble son who always thought of his mother and did exactly as he new she wished him to do.

Please give my kind regards and stongest sympathy to Mr. Fargey, Aileen and the boy as well as yourself. Hoping thes finds you all in the best of health.

Always yours very sincerily


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