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Date: April 2nd 1918

April 2/18

My Dearest Jessie

Just a few lines in answer to your letter a few days ago. I had a letter from Ellen last night she told me all about her engagement. She asked me if I thought she would be happy. that is a pretty hard question to answer, but I don't hardly think she will be. of Course O don't know. I know you will miss her. at lease I would. She is sure a dandy girl. She has been mighty good to me. I like to get her letters there always so full of news. She tells me everything. I expected a letter from you last night and tonight but did not come. Well Jessie what time do you think it is. I will tell you just 230 a.m and I can hardly hold my eyes open; I just got through giving the boys out there Rations. I had a great time while in Blighty. The People in Scotland are awfully nice. I hope you got the music I sent a while ago tell me how like them whether they are good or not.

I will send you another one before long. Doug saw Melvin while a few days ago.
I had a letter from Sadie last night I guess they are having good time this winter.

I have not received my photos yet. Have Vic [?] got home if he has he will tell you all about the Place Spence was killed. he was not far from him.

I met a fellow in Blighty one of our Sgt. that was wounded the day before Spence was killed he was talking about the boys and he said that Spence was the whitest men he ever saw. he did not know that he was my brother then. till I told hom. Well I guess have to write to Ellen and H.B. I will say bye bye. Perhaps I will not write tonight.

Lots of love to all Loving Bro Donald

Tell Gow[?] to send me a box of chocolo please
Tell him to put in some [?] and dates [?]

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