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Date: April 1st 1917

Somewhere in France
August 1, 1917

My Dear Jessie,

Your letter of the 6th of Mar. received, and your snaps of yourself and store. I think I told you in fathers letter that I hadn't seen them but I got them in your letter the next day; they were fine; you look a little sad in the one at the piano but the other two is fine; I appreciated them very much.

It's to bad about Mrs. Bob McCurdy and [?], pretty hard luck. I remember the last time I saw Mrs. Bob, Manroe, Grant and I drove down to see her once we were home on pass; she looked pretty bad then. She seemed so glad to see us too.

Am glad to hear you were sending some socks; I mentioned sending some in my last letter; if you can get them I will be much pleased; it's certainly one thing you need a number of, and it's a great comfort to have them. The trenches and the ground are so wet. That is hard to keep a persons feet dry.

We had Capt. Clarke preach to us this morning; he is having a service in Y.M.C.A. tonight. (630). I think I will go over. We generally have sunday off when we are not in the trenches.

Had a letter from Don a few days ago. He seems to think he will be drafted over soon.

Well I think this is all I have to say this time, love to all Goodbye
Loving Spence

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