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Date: July 12th 1918
Sydney Reay

Your letter has done some travelling in finding me but finally succeeded in the end. I was sorry that JACK BURNET did not meet after my walkout to find his bunch. I believe I know where he is now but have better not be giving any military secrets out, or else I may find myself in trouble. To date they are in a very good and comfortable position, so that means a lot does it not? By the way, is it true about Jack earning the D.C.M.? I heard it through HARRY SKITCH, that Jack and two other sergeants had won them, but heard nothing since. I sincerely hope that it is true for Jack deserves to have one and everyone seems to have a good word for him. PENWARDEN is here and is looking fine; also several 2nd Heavy chaps but you would not know them, for they do not come from Cobourg or around there, but mostly from Halifax, etc.

Don't I wish this beastly war was over! Well, I guess I do and mighty quick too. My 'baby' brother is now in the flying corps, just think.
To-night is beastly out; raining to beat the band. It has been lovely up to a few days ago.

Well, I guess you are surprised to hear of me being in 'Blighty' again. I came over this time with 'trench fever, ' but am glad to say that I am O.K. again. I am marked Al once more and that means another 'trip.'

Things are just the same as ever around here. Every Sunday we have Australian chickens (rabbits) for dinner, and sometimes it is hard for us to know whether they are chickens, rabbits, horse, or 'cats' - but mostly goes down anyway, or else starve.

You must excuse this writing and paper but I am busted at present and pay day is quite a way off yet, and this is all the paper I can get at the price which is 'free for nothing.' I must quit now. I hope this finds you all in the pink as it leaves us. Hoping to hear from you soon, sincerely yours,
Sydney Reay.