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Date: July 22nd 1916
William John McLellan

Camp Hughes
3rd Coy. 196th O.B.C.E.F.
July 22, 1916

Dear Folks,

It's quite a while since I have written but there hasn't been much to write about lately. Did I tell you about our week-end in W'p'g.? Peener & I went a week ago. We left here at 1:30 Saturday P.M. and arrived there at 4:30. J.D. McNab went with us. None of us knew the town and we managed to get lost twice. We got a room at the Carona Hotel & spent most of Saturday evening walking around town taking in the sights. We had a real sleep on a real bed & tore off about 10 hours which is a pretty rare treat these days. Stan Hurlburt came along Sunday morning and woke us up about 9:30 and we all went down town for a meal. Then we came back & played the paino (sic) at the hotel until about 3. We all pulled out at 11:30 ending a very short weekend. I don't think much of the ‘Peg. It is very pretty and has nice streets & boulevards ect but there are very few people there compared to Ed. & it seemed awfully slow - probably because we didn't know anyone.

We all went up to the Brandon Fair last night. Each battalion had a day or rather from 5 PM to midnight. About 14 of our bunch went up together and strolled around town awhile, took in the fair & ate a good meal. Several battalions had the dame day & the train was crowded. It had 26 coaches at that. Brandon is awfully small but rather pretty. Kathaleen Stinson the air woman flew around here this morning dong a few fancy stunts.

I can't say definitely about harvest leave as nothing has come out in orders yet. There is an infantry school starting here on Aug 1 and I may have to take it in which case I'll not be able to go until Sept.

For the love of Mike send me some of those strawberries. It makes my mouth water to think of them.

Do you ever send my letters to Marg? I haven't written since I came down but I will soon.

Send those socks will you? I can make good use of the.
This is all for now. I'll write more next time.

Your loving Son & Brother -