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Date: November 25th 1943
Mrs. Duncanson (Dutton Women's Institute)
John Hodder

October 20, 1943

Dear Mrs. Duncanson:

Just received parcel No 3, so I'm sitting here writing with a full stomach. The parcel arrived in A 1 shape and it really was swell. I also found the paper and envelopes, so I take it you never received my other letter yet. Well, it's been on the way for quite a while so you probably received it by now, at least I hope so. I guess everything is about the same around Dutton. I hope to be getting The Advance regular, so I'll be able to keep track of everyone. There doesn't seem to be many changes around here, but probably I wouldn't be allowed know about them anyway. I spent a very enjoyable week-end in London last week. The enemy planes were over there on Saturday night, but the people there don't seem to mind very much. The weather really has been terrible here lately, its practically rained steady since Sunday morning, and it's a real cold rain which makes it very miserable. Well I will sing off for now, thanking you and the Women's Institute for the lovely parcel. I hope you are able to carry on with your wonderful work. As ever,

John Hodder