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Date: November 13th 1943


Dear Mother:

Well we had our first snow to-day and was it ever cold. It didn't snow much just enough to make things miserable for everybody. I got another 7 days leave after I was back for two weeks so I have had 17 days altogether. I tried to see Mel again but the guy just can't seem to get away so from now on he can look me up which will be a lot easier. I spent 3 days in London waiting for him but it didn't show up so I came back to Leeds and spent the rest of my leave there. I seem to always end up in that place but I think that on my next leave I will go some other place. I can't buy any Xmas presents over here so maybe you had better take $10.00 out of my money and buy something for the kids. I really don't know what kind of Xmas I am going to have this year as there isn't very much to do. I will get my picture taken the next time in London and I will send you one. I have got some more photo's and I will send them when I write you the next letter. Received a letter from Lansley and he didn't figure that he is going to make his course. Ken has joined air-crew so I may see him again soon. I haven't answered Bill's letter but I don't want to put it off to long. Poor Cecil has really got it bad hasn't he its shame because he was such a nice guy even if he does play hooky. I am really behind on my letter writing but I think that I can catch up this week. I haven't received that special parcel but I did receive one with the can of smokes in it. There is a lot of parcels in so maybe it will be with them. I could stand a good stiff drink in the mornings. We are only allowed to keep our fires going from 6 till 10 at night so it really is cold in the mornings. Talking about that I had my helmet pinched and it will cost me about $15.00 to replace it so that will cut down the old salary. God it really is hard to find anything to write about but I will on trying. If only I could see Mel again the Christmas and we could have a reunion like we did before maybe I could relax for awhile. But I am getting so browned off with this country and this war that I must blow off steam pretty soon. Glenn Traub said he would drop in on me some day and we could talk over old times. Well I have run out of gab so I will close for now.

Love to all


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