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Date: February 28th 1943


Dear Mother:

I got your letter yesterday and the money order with it. The reason I needed the money was that I didn't figure that we were going to get paid as our records hadn't arrived yet. But we did so I will save the money for my 48 next weekend if we get one. I don't suppose I will be able to come home as it is quite a ways and costs a little money. I bought myself a fountain pen last night in town and it seems to write pretty good I paid $3.57 for it so it should. Now all I hope is that I don't lose it. I wrote Glenn a letter but so far I haven't received a answer but I guess I will. I just came back from church parade. We had to stand outside in the cold for an hour and a half and I froze my ears but I guess we will recover. There seems to be a lot of fellows from my old flight at I.T.S. here taking a bombadiers course. They all washed out as pilots at service. I sure do give them a razing and they have to address me and Sgt. Wilson. I don't think they like it very well but then what can they do about it. Well it is pretty near time for dinner so I will finish this letter later.

This is sure a cold place to-day and all the roads are so slippery that you can hardly walk. I just finished falling flat on my behind a couple of times on my way to dinner. We sure do get good meals in the Sgts. mess better than what the officers do and that sure burns them up. I have to pay a dollar and quarter a month messing fees so that isn't to bad. I sure can't understand why Allan didn't get into the airforce because I can't see why or how his mother could stop the airforce from taking him if they wanted to. I guess maybe because they have so many they could change their mind in his case though. I think that maybe you should send my goggles and a set of batteries for my flashlight as I can't seem to get any here. So untiI your next letter.



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