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Date: October 21st 1942


Dear Mother:
Well I am finally getting around to writing again. I or I should say we all enjoyed the food you sent as a matter of fact that is about all we ate. The food here is starting to improve so I think I will be able to survive my stay here. I went up for my first ride on Sunday and had a real good time. We flew over Regina and I was able to spot our place and all that. It isn't a bad looking joint from the air. We went as far as Quapelle and then followed the lakes around for awhile. We were up for three hours and we were supposed to find three winds each but the pilot wanted to play around a little so we only found one each. I took my camera up with me but one of the other guys had his and he stayed in the bomb hatch ail the time and I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. I didn't get a bit sick and I was a little disappointed in the trip I thought it would be a real thrill but it was less fun then doing 60 M.P.H in a car. The only thrill you get out of it is when you are low flying and boy were we ever low. The pilot had spent a 48 at this farm so he decided to give them a thrill. We swooped and dived all around the farm until I didn't know whether I was sitting or standing on my head. We haven't done any bombing as yet but we expect to do some this weekend or at least I hope so.

I am sure glad to hear that Melville arrived safely overseas and I will write him a letter soon when I get something real good to tell him about this. nice clean job of dropping bombs. It sure is going to be a lot of fun and I think I will really enjoy it after I get everything straightened out. I haven't been paid as yet so tell Leonard I will pay him back on my next 48 which is next weekend I hope. I should get a good pay so I will be able to save a little I hope. we will finish our course here on Dec.4 and then go direct to A.O.S so I don't know if I will get Christmas leave or not but I sure hope so. Well thank Aunt Grace for the candy and tell Victor I will be seeing him soon.

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Original Scans