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Date: May 3rd 1942

Sunday May 3/42

Dear Mother:
Here it is May already I thought it was still April. Boy how time flies. There is no mail service in the station on Sunday so I didn't get your parcel until Monday. It sure was good and there was plenty to go around. I had a little trouble getting it into my kit bag in order to protect it from a bunch of vultures but I finally got it in. You sure have got quite a few on sick parade, you had better take the all to the M.O and find out whether they are playing sick or not. Although I don't suppose they are. I got a letter from Melville too so there your not so smart. I bet it was longer than yours too. I bet it is the longest one he has ever written the old drip. He told he the sordid details of his escapades and don't feel one little bit sorry for him. I am going to answer his letter to-day and tell him a thing or too. That's a disgrace to the Wilson clan being put in the digger, why I never do things like that.

If you see that Ken Bell drip you ask him why he didn't answer my letter. He may be at home when I get my forty-eight I hope so anyways. I sent my pictures last night so you should get them Monday. I think they flatter me don't you? They cost me $8.25 so don't throw them around or let that Victor guy mawl them or I will wring his neck. Say he is getting to be quite the guy cussing like a good airman should but doesn't oh yeh. We start rifle drill to-morrow and it sure will be a change from all this drill. We haven't been outside for two days because it has been raining and snowing a little. This sure is a cold little town. Friday night r had a late pass for the party. Had a girl I got at the blind date bureau, boy was she nice. We went to the Prince Edward Hotel the snappiest joint in town. We had gin cocktails and turkey supper. The cocktails were mostly water and tasted pretty terrible because the water here is awful. The party lasted until one 0' clock and boy was I tired all day Saturday. The girls all wore these long evening gowns and I was afraid of stepping allover it. But r sure had a lot of fun. I took a taxi to and from the dance because it was raining out. It was sure an expensive evening but worth all of it. I got $25.10 on Thursday so I feel like - a rich man again. I got put on barrack fatigue and duty watch for not shaving. But I couldn't help it because we got another T.A.B.T on Thursday afternoon and my arm was sure sore and swollen up like a pumpkin. Well I guess that is all for now.

P.S Send one of those pictures to Melville so he can see what a
perfect airman looks like and what a nice uniform you get in the airforce.

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