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Date: April 26th 1943


Dear Mother:

I don't know I must be getting lonesome or something here I am writing home three times in the past weeks. Well anyways I thought I would write and tell you a little more about Moncton. I received two letters from you to-day and one from Victor. I can understand yours all right but Victors I don't know, every time I read it I get a different answer. You will have to ask him to write plainer after this. So Dad sold the car well well I guess he just can't get used to a small car. After the number of miles I have put on these feet of mine in the last three weeks I would gladly settle for a kitty- car. We go on a route march in the morning and then we walk all over town at night. They have a magnetic hill here which pulls the cars up to the top of it, at least it looks like that anyways. We watch the tide come up in the river every day. and it looks sort of queer seeing a foot high wall of water sweeping at you. Those are about the only novelties there are to see here but at least the place is clean. So Victor thinks he is going to have two girlfriends like me, how does he know how many I got anyways he had better wait a while before he starts that.

I bet Bernham looked pretty cute with his beard, what did Victor say when he seen him. I suppose he would think that Bill Wineneyer could use a little of that on his head. Well it sure is good to hear that Bernham is finally getting a break anyways. Maybe he will be able to finish paying off his bill at last. Yes that is the same Scutchings that was in my class at ITS, so he seems to be doing all right for himself to. There are quite a few fellows from Mossbank down here with us and I guess they will be going over with us. So its Romeo Parker now is it my wouldn't he be pleased to know that I bet his head would swell the size of a balloon. Oh yes I got my pen all right so now I got no excuse for not writing. I asked you in my last letter to send me some butter but never mind we just happened to produce a little to- day free. I guess Victor will be pretty mad about not getting his coat but I warned him that he would finally get what you wanted for him. Well I guess that is all for now. I haven't received the parcel as yet but expect it to- morrow.


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