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Date: August 26th 1943

Sgt. T.O. Wilson

Dear Dad:

I thought that I may as well scrawl you a few lines seeing as how I have got the afternoon off. I also wrote Ernie Cassan and am writing Mr. Hollenquist to-night so maybe they will all be satisfied. By what I can gather from Mothers letters the garage seems to be doing quite a rousing business and you seem to be working quite hard. You had better take things easy because I sure wouldn't want you to get all crippled up again. After all I expect you to take care of me and bring me a bottle of beer every morning before I get up. It sure will be nice to lie in bed in the mornings again as I get up at 6 o'clock here and I feel tired for the rest of the day. It seems to me that I walk about 20 miles a day so you can tell by that that I really miss the car. When I get home I don't think that I will even walk downstairs I am so damn tired of walking. It really puts you in shape though and I feel really good for it but I would just as soon ride. These bloody things are to small to write much but at least you will get some word from me even if I don't tell you much when I do write. Hoping this finds you well.