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Date: January 31st 1944
Frank (brother)

Jan 31/44

Dear Frank:

I finally received your long awaited letter so now I shall send you a prompt answer. I hope that you aren't still making horrible smells with that chemistry set of yours as mother seems to take a dim view of it. How are you making out in your school work, are you still having trouble with your Arithmetic and your teacher. You should be getting along quite well by now that is if you have recovered from stuffing yourself at Xmas time. I have been at the place now for 16 weeks and we are just finishing this week. I flew the kite for an hour and a half the other day and I really enjoyed myself. The crew didn't know that I had been flying until after we had landed and then half of them fainted. I get quite a little flying in now and after I come back from leave I shall probably get some...Are you playing with any hockey team...or are you just a coach or more of...Dad's team. I haven't been skating...but Melville has so I shall have to...out when I go and see him next week. We haven't even got any snow here and the grass is still green so it sure don't look much like winter. So you are getting practised up at dart playing are you well don't get to good at it or I won't be able to beat you at it. I haven't played myself for about a month so maybe I had better start and play again just to keep in practise. I have been playing football every afternoon so I am really getting English minded. I am even loosing a lot of my Canadian accent which is bad. Well I haven't got...more to say Frank so I shall close for now.

Your Brother