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Date: April 18th 1943


Dear Mother:

I received both of your letters the same day so I thought that maybe I had better answer to-day. I have received no word from Jim as yet but I am expecting a letter from him any day now. I got a letter from Austman and Bleich and I will send it along so you can see what I am letting myself in for. To me it sounds like heaven compared with this place. It seems like they spent about a week down in New York so I guess that they had quite a time. That letter didn't take so long either, I got it Thursday and it had gone all the way to Paulson and back and was only mailed Mar 22. Well I will send it along and let you read it.

I am glad to hear that Victor is knitting me a sweater as this weather down here sure don't agree with me at all. I went on sick parade for the first time since I have been in the Air force and got all doctored up for my cold. It has been raining down here every morning and snowing in the afternoon for the last three days. They took us down to the docks on Friday afternoon and we went aboard a Corvette and looked it allover. I sure wouldn't want to be cooped up in one of them for very long. I suppose that Leonard was the one that got the truck stuck. S0 Wesley appreciates my taste in girls does he well I wouldn't mind seeing someone like her down in this place but then I guess I am hoping for a lot. If the kids get the boat painted soon tell them that they can come down here and row me across the pond. I guess the new car is pretty hard to get used to, I know when I drove it I thought that I would upset it going around a corner it turned so sharp. Even with a A.A. book you can see quite a lot of country in it. A new draft of fellows came in this week and there are quite a few fellows who were in my course at I.T.S. That other Wilson and Ted Mann and a few other ones that I haven't seen as yet. Jack Baird is taking the same course as Glenn. I suspect Glenn will be pretty near finished by now, so maybe you will be seeing him soon.

If you happen to see Lansley around tell him to answer my letter and be damn quick about it or I will wring his neck. Has Ken been home yet. I just wondered because I wrote him a letter quite a while ago and he hasn't answered it so I thought that maybe he was home at the time. Well I guess that this is all for now except where is some of that fruit cake of yours. Oh yes send Aunt Graces address so I can write her a letter will you.



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