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Date: March 9th 1943


Dear Mother:

I received your letter to-day so I may as well answer it when I have nothing else to do. The sweater fits me very good, it sure is nice and warm. I haven't started on the fruit cake yet but some of the boys found out that I had it so I suppose that will be all gone by to-night. We didn't fly last night so I went to town and seen a show and went bowling. Dauphin don't seem to be a bad little joint even if there is no excitement there. I bought another pair of shoes of a guy for $4.00 so now I have three pair. I wear them around the camp instead of wearing out my boots. I don't know why I bought them but they seemed like a good pair and they were to small for him so I took them. I wrote Jim and he thought that he might be finished his exams by the time I finished my course here and that he could probably get a 48 then, but that I would have to go to Shaunavon to see him. He said that he was still flying so I guess maybe he will make it all right. He is still having trouble with his wireless but he is getting by at any rate. Glenn wrote me a letter to and told me the sad news. He says that his course is really a tough one and if he don't pass it he will stay here as a staff pilot or as a instructor in navigation. He is going to be on coastal command the same as I am so maybe I can get him as my pilot. I sure have been terrible bombing here but I am getting unto it a little bit now and I should get a good score to-day or at least I hope so. How long has Dave been home? I suppose he will have left by the time I get there. I expect to be through here by next Wednesday so I should be home about Thursday or Friday I hope. Well I guess that is all for now.


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