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Date: January 23rd 1943


Dear Mother:

I have suddenly got up enough energy to write a few letters to-night so I thought that I would write you a few lines. I have just returned from a 48 in Winnipeg and I spent a very quite two days. I froze both my ears and I have to sleep on my back to avoid hurting them. Austman and I stayed at his Aunt's place this time so he didn't cost us anything. They sure are a crazy bunch of people all they seem to do is play bridge and gad around but they are sure a lot of fun. We went to the "Cave" in Winnipeg on our remaining $2.40 and had a fairly good time but it wasn't at all like I thought it would be. We only had $10.00 each to start with so we couldn't do anything very expensive. I am invited there again when I start my leave but I am coming home where it isn't so cold and windy.

I guess I didn't tell you that I got a picture of Kim from him. It was here when I first got here so I didn't see him to thank him for it. I will bring it home when I come. I got a letter from Eaton but he couldn't say much because all his letters are censored so he just told me that if I got anymore leave he would take about 2 weeks himself just to get even with me. O'Toole is not a Clarceholm Alberta flying Ansons. He met Glenn there and he says that Glenn is due to graduate in 2 weeks so he and I should be home about the same time. Anyways I sure hope so as I won't have anyone to go around with outside of Boomhower and the rest of the boys and they will be going to school. Oh yes I finally got a new uniform but I feel like a rookie in it so I haven't worn it yet. Well I guess I should close now as I have got to write Melville before the lights go out.


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