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Date: January 31st 1944

N.B. Don't start before dinner

January 31/44#2 A.G.T.S Que.
Dear Folks

You know it's just too bad I couldn't write a lot of short letters and more often instead of one letter a dozen pages long. Here it is 1:30 and I have about ten minutes to get this letter started. I really mean started too, because I've really done so much in this past three or four days that it hasn't even been funny (Boy this ink is lousy).

It's really hard to know just where to start-better get rid of the unimportant stuff first. You remember I mentioned something about running in the Defense subject? Well the last day out, Friday, we had the 7-mile event and tomorrow we're out all day.

If what I heard about tomorrow period is true I'm a little bit afraid of the consequences.

I'm a little bit dubious about getting home for the wedding, but will make it if I can. The train schedule is fairly good. Leave Quebec City and get into Toronto around 7:30 the next morning, and then would have to leave again about 4 Sunday afternoon getting in here at 6 A.M. There is only one drawback to the whole thing. You leave Montreal at 11:45, and have to sit up all the time on cars exactly the same as go up home, so you can imagine just how

I feel today as I traveled the last part of my journey on it last night.

Yes sir, so here goes. I'll have to start back about a week and a half when everyone was short of cash and borrowing money off everyone else. One bright fellow (with a little extra) decided….

[Rest of letter missing]