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Date: April 17th 1944
Mother and Father

Dear Mum & Dad

Excuse the rather scruffy writing paper but it's the best I have at the moment.

I received two parcels and were they ever acceptable. Kay is writing about her stockings and lipstick, and she was very very pleased with them. The Leone's were swell.

I just finished a rather hurried leave, as the Guards have a different system than the RMR's, I didn't have much notice but it was very enjoyable, most of it I spent in Seaford, seeing Kay.
By the way, tell Nan that her subversive attempts to undermine my mustach are in vain. I took it off a while ago, and the results must have frightened Kay, because she made me grow it again.
I keep running into the rest of the RMR's all the time. We have 5 other officers with us, and I knew some of the Guards anyway.

I'm going to stay away from being technical adjutant if I can, because it's a blind alley it is very interesting. I like the job but I don't want to stay a captain all my army career. This bust up wont help my very much, because I was a senior captain, now I'm just a reinforcement captain.

Next time they fold up a regiment under me Im going to get mad.

Tell Hairp I got her letter and will write as soon as I can . Glad she was able to be with Graham to much. The only way to get over here apart from the is via the Red Cross (Maj-General an old RMR) and that is semi-services.

Perfect golf weather these days, but I havent played for a year. Too busy I guess.

Dad, have you received any bonds yet. There are 3 $100 bonds paid up and another $200 starting next month. The $300 should be delivered by now.

All my love Geoff