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Date: December 29th 1943

Dear Hairp (and Graham if still in Canada)

Thanks Hairp for the very swell Xmas presents, they arrived in perfect time. The shirt, housewife and handkerchiefs were all badly needed and much appreciated.

I hear the wedding was a great success and I'm sorry as hell I couldn't be there. Hope you had a good leave at Xmas and how about Graham when he comes.

Kay just had her tonsils out and is on leave at the moment. In January I'm going (to Liverpool) on leave with Kay to meet the Major and Mrs. Marsh. I imagine the Major will be very and Mrs. will be very polite, because she doesn't believe in divorce. However, maybe the old Turpin oil will smooth that over. The divorce can't go through until 1945 unless an annullment can be fixed, and I don't know yet what the grounds for annullment are. The reason for the delay is that in this forsaken country you have to be married 3 years before you can be divorced. Seems a silly law to me, but there it is.

Slight accident above.

I believe Kay wrote you a letter a while ago. If it was one of her night-watch efforts, it was a beauty. When I'm on course she always waits until 5 a.m. and then writes a letter that rambles all over the place and eventually dozes off at the end. I wish I could describe her better, but I guess better men than I have failed in a like circumstance.

Went out for a buggy ride in a RAF Rescue Launch today. Boy, was I almost seasick, and in front of a grinning RAF crew too. I think they were giving me a bit of a joy-ride. However, I swallowed manfully and tried not to look too green. Hope I can get the skipper out in an armoured car someday, or the outboard.
Got to write a lot of letters Hairp, so I'll stop. How about a line from you when the flurry blows over. And how about a dirty old pair of silk stockings (9-1/2) or a lipstick for Kay, eh keed? So help me, I'll bless you to my dying day if you do.

On which altruistic note - love, my sweet, Geoff.