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Date: January 26th 1943

32nd Cdn Recce Reg't (RMR)
Cdn Army Overseas

Dear Family

Note the new address above. The full name is "The 32nd Canadian Reconnaissance Reg't (RMR) which is a bit of a mouthful, but we're still the RMR's. I may say that we're all very pleased at the change and its quite a compliment to the regiment. I cant say anything about our job, naturally, but its a very very interesting one, and one that isn't completely new to us.

I'm to have a new job for a while. At the moment I'm a troop leader with a subaltern under me, but next week I'm going to the reinforcement unit to be 2nd in command of our company down there for about 4 months. I put up a zip pip and will be an acting captain while I have the job. The rank is only temporary, as I say, and when I get back to the unit I'll have to take it down, unless theres a vacancy. Its a step in the right direction though, and I'm quite pleased about it. Promotion should speed up a bit with the change, and we could use a little speeding up. Its been darn slow.

I wouldn't say much about my acting captaincy, because theres many a slip 'twixt cup and lip and I havent got it yet, and anyway its only temporary.

Just had a letter from a Sgt. Maurice Roe, saying he had a bottle for me. Thanks terrifically Hairp, but you shouldn't have done it, you'll have me even more spoiled than I am now.

I'm glad you got my parcel. You're Xmas presents to me have been used extensively and they're swell. Hope you got all the letters I wrote thanking you for them.

Well, love to all Geoff

P.S. I wrote to Aunt Edie c/o you, as I've forgotten her address, will you forward it.