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Date: November 27th 1944

Dear Family

My mail is just starting to come back from France, including 1200 cigarettes, 900 from you & 300 from Parke Stetham. Thank you very much, and all yours were Winchesters, for which thanks again.

I've been sitting around here recuperating for quite a while, but I wont be back to the regiment until the new year, as I have a pile of leave coming to me.

I was in Seaford over the week end to see Kay, and we came up to Town to see a show on Sunday & dropped into Ontario House to see Nancy Hughson. I just managed to recognize her, and she didn't know me from Adam, which shook me a bit. She's changed quite a bit & is very attractive looking. I didn't have much chance to talk to her as she was working on tables but next time Im in town we're going to have lunch together. Kay of course, gave me hell for dragging her in out of the rain, looking a little bedraggled, for her first meeting with one of my family. She said she looked bedraggled, I didn't.

Dave & Ian Chenoweth are in town on leave, so I'm going down to see them, first chance I can slide out of here.

Kay's young brother was also in Seaford for one night at the end of a leave. He's a very nice kid named Allen, aged 19, who is a midshipman (snotty) on a destroyer.

Life is pretty soft here at Roman Way. I do physio-therapy (fingers bend stretch etc.) and also they have an occupational-therapy shop where you make things such as woven belts, toys, etc. Quite good fun. Also week-ends off; if youre not in a cast. And I'm not!

I ran into Fras Coristine here in Colchester. He's on loan to the British Black Watch, was in hospital here I think, & was just going back to his regiment. I don't think he'll go back to France for a while.

Rather good fun being back in England for a while, I can shoot a good line now, & stand no nonsense from the RAF or Navy.

Just had a letter from Don Miller, addressed to "Somewhere in France, Belgium Holland or even Germany" to say that he's expecting an addition to the family in December. He seems a bit browned off with the Pacific Coast.

Well, that's all for now, love to you all & write me c/o Kay, in case I switch hospitals or something. Geoff. P.S. I wrote to Graham but no answer yet.