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Date: October 22nd 1942

Dear Family

I'm just back at the unit between courses, as it were. I was away for a week on one, and in two weeks I go away for almost a month. This next course looks like a honey. You apparently spend all your waking hours running from place to place with full equipment. My condition is pretty good at the moment, so I'm not worried about it.

We had a very good Mess Dance on Saturday night. Our Mess is a huge house and a swell place for a party. I didn't know anyone I wanted to bring all the way here, so I decided to chisel. The chiselling was very good. There was a Major-General there with a very attractive Canadian WAAF officer, whom I thought was too young for him, so about four of us ganged up on him. We threw out a cloud of subalterns who engaged the general in conversation from all sides, and when he managed to break off the engagement, the WAAF officer had been skilfully extricated and moved away. A very neat and military manoeuvre, we thought, sure to appeal to the heart of a general, we hope.

Did you get my air mail letter about a month ago? If so, how long did it take. Mail has been rotten over here just recently. I don't know what the trouble .

I got your letter today, John thanks, and thanks for the pictures too. You look almost as bit as me, however I'm not going to worry about you for a while yet, at least not until you're bigger than I am.

By the way, if you didnt get my last airmail, I made the following requested suggestions for Xmas: a Ronson lighter, a rubber flashlight (last one pinched), a kahki turtle-neck sweater, socks, shirt like last one.

Well, I'm off now for a run, so Cheerio, love to you all, Geoff