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Date: November 2nd 1941

Dear family

Thanks for letters received, and I believe a batch went down somewhere between here and there.

Nothing much to report since the last time. I was on a short 2 day course last week on bombs, that was very interesting, apart from that we go on our way much the same from one week to the next.

Did I tell you I saw Hugh Powell in London, he sent his best. London is very crowded these days. New Canadians keep arriving, and they all head for London for their landing leave. We consider them raw recruits, and speak very learnedly of air-raids and our experiences, some of the stories are highly coloured by now. We actually had a raid since 10th. When its necessary to put the new fellows in their place, we just say "Oh, were you up in town on May 10th". They are then forced to admit that they werent even in the country. Good clean fun!

I've sort of lost track of Don Miller these days. I suppose he's at sea somewhere. I'll probably run into him at the Park Lane in London, sometime. Thats a sort of meeting-place for all Canadians. I did have a letter from him when he was in Halifax, but he must have left by now.

The date is now somewhere around the 18th now. I never got the above finished.
I've just sent out some Xmas cards to a few people. They're rather scarce at the moment so I'm cutting down a bit this year.

I find that Birks have an agency over hear, as I had my watch repaired there, and I can order Xmas presents there for delivery in Canada, which is the only solution to the problem.

I'm enclosing a picture taken of me while broadcasting my Xmas message. The gent watching me with the sneer is the CSM.

Sorry this letter is so dull, and excuse the bits and pieces.

Merry Xmas to you all and a Happy New Year, and don't forget to hoist one for me Xmas Day, at 2 o'clock your time. Love, Geoff