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Date: 1944

Dear Family,

Here insert opening paragraph re sorry I Just got back from seeing Kay today after a hot in the Channel according to the papers must have meant very hot. Kay is looking in her P.O.'s uniform. And we we were engaged this afternoon, which can't mean anything for about a year, but it that way. Since we've known each other, we're both very certain and I know you'll swell when you meet her. Naturally nobody I and you can know about it, secret sort of engagement.

Just got back from a course which near where Graham was. I wrote him a on a day off. I went down after telegraphing where I'd be. Unfortunately he'd been moved, and I got another letter about 8 days later to say he'd just got my letter and telegram. So we didnt click that time unfortunately, but its a small war, and I'm sure we will soon.

My course was very hectic but good fun and I'm now a whizz on tanks. Getting to be a whizz on everything.

I keep running into the boys from the regiment. They're all O.K. and just a little browned off, but I guess thats natural. As someone once said, the war won't last forever, and then we can get back to some serious soldiering.

We're working very hard now, and they do work hard in this unit. Phew!
Shoot me that picture as soon as its ready Mum, I'd like it very much. And how about the rest of you people. Dont you ever step in front of a camera? I dont want to have to be introduced to you all when I get home.

Security is to tight these days. Ive run out of things to talk about.
I could go on for hours about Kay, but I guess that would be dull. She loves getting letters from you. I've just censored one that she ???? wrote you. Now you know what I mean late watch letters . She's usually pretty -fact.

Well, love to you all Geoff