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Date: November 3rd 1943

Dear Family

I find I'm the fortunate posessor of an air-mail form, so here goes. Thanks very much for the Dionnes book, and socks and sock-stretchers which will be very I also got the Gazette with Hairp's ad in it, was very good indeed. Also got some pretty airmails from Mum and Nan, and a telegram Turpins, for which thanks.

I'm enjoying the new job very much, to say the new pip. I'm right in the middle of a … the lines of trying to improve things, and very short while a lot of people are going very annoyed with me for interrupting their blissful slumber. Should be good fun.
In changing jobs, I've now got a driver batman who is very good. He has quite a job on his hands, because I have two vehicles for him to worry about, apart from the but he doesn't have to work in the mess. Name is Layden, and he goals on the hockey team. I've always been pretty lucky about batmen, which is handy.

Sorry but this is a pretty dull letter, but I can't very well detail in great length what I do all day, even it would interest you, and most of what I do is work at the moment.

I'm still going out with my Wren, which is almost my world's record. Name is Kay (for Kathleen) Thompson, and she's one of the few of my flames about whom I'm sure you would thoroughly approve. She's married to a navel officer, seperated (before I met her) and probably will be divorced some day. I don't know if you'll approve of the last bit but, on second thought, I don't think you'll mind. Things aren't very serious, although I think she's a damn nice girl
On which note, I'll close. Love to you all, Geoff.