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Date: June 8th 1942

Dear Family

I just got a remarkably swell parcel from Dionne's today Mum, for which thanks a lot. Right now I'm eating salted cashews, and dreaming about the concentrated orange juice. Quite an idea that.

Life is a bit dull at the moment, but I should go back to the battalion in a week, if they don't decide to keep me here as an instructor for awhile. I definitely don't want to stay here, but it might happen.

I'm sorry to hear that Granny is so sick, give her my best, and I hope she's better soon.
Tomorrow night, a Canadian nurse pal of mine is giving a small celebration, so I'll do my birthday in style. The celebration won't be very hectic because the last train from the hospital goes at 10:15 P.M., however, we're pretty used to that by now. I hear travel is pretty tough at home now too, so I guess that knocked Magog for a bit of a loop.

My little course is going very well, I've now got a lecture room full of mirrors, wires, models, and gadgets of my own invention, so that its pretty hard to move around. The place is very littered up with high-priced help from Canada, too, here earning their overseas medals or something. They go around in bunches at training, and asking silly questions.

Well, nothing very interesting because I wrote about 4 days ago, but I'm trying to correct my lamentable tendency to forget to write for awhile.

Love to you all, Geoff.

P.S. Don't forget to send my grey, single breasted Nugent summer suit over, as per my last letter, if same is possible. Love, G.